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Kickball, Outdoor Fitness, and a New Book!

It’s summer time and that means plenty of fresh air and sunshine! This Friday, July 20th at 6:00pm I will be hosting a free kickball game. We will be meeting at Boston Strength & Conditioning (75 Adams St., Newton Ma) at 6:00pm and walking over to the field to play some pick-up kickball. Signup on my site under the Book Online tab.

Can’t wait till Friday to play outside? That’s ok, this Wednesday is the 4th of my 5-week Cove Summer Fitness Series. If you haven’t joined us yet, stop by and experience the most fun you’re going to have all summer working out! You can sign up on my site under Book Online.

My final announcement is I have a new book coming out later this month! This book is taking a new direction, it’s my dissertation A Comparison of Sport and Military Leaders printed in book form. This book follows a dissertation format and like my other books is based 100% on science, no fluff! This book is a great reference for leaders operating in diverse and dynamic environments…that’s just about all leaders. It’s short (86 pages) and identifies five characteristics that all leaders should develop in five specific areas concerning team development. I’ll let you know when it gets a closer but here is a potential book cover below.

Always improve,


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