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Books and Research by Dr. Chris Johnson



“Eye-opening quotes. This is a very good book. It’s a kind of life guide you must read at least once.” ~@itsbookgains

“One of my favorite things about this book is the Call To Action at the end of each chapter that really pushes you to action after what you’ve just read, making sure this is a book you use and take action from rather than just another shelf-development book.” ~@Powerbybooks

Growing up can be more confusing than a homeless man on house arrest. Dr. Christopher Johnson remembers what it’s like feeling as lost as a cow on artificial grass and wants to gift his children a guide to the nuisances of adulthood. It’s a self-help book for those still searching for their calling and a refresher for the rest of us—a course in the curriculum of life.

Life is a game; these lessons show you how to develop your character and master your environment. When our game is off, things fall apart. This book is the guide you need to succeed in all things life. The world is your playground; you’ll learn how to play your best by reading this strategy guide.

Join Dr. Johnson to explore the human experience through this playful and gamified perspective. Chris breathes life into textbook topics through tales of adventurers, comic book heroes, scientists, mythological beings, and philosophers. He illustrates a world where our best self tackles everyday mundane problems heroically. You will learn how life is play and sports are the modern hero’s journey. Discover the Ludus and embody the traits of your favorite hero.

A Vigorous Life A Guided Journey of Purpose and Fulfillmen

Join Dr. Christopher P. Johnson as he guides you on a journey exploring what makes life fulfilling.  This trip will unravel the complexities of life, leadership, teamwork, and society.

Dr. Johnson's doctoral dissertation, A Comparison of Sport and Military Leaders is now available in book format! This study provides leaders from diverse backgrounds with a comprehensive overview of existing research of leadership between sport and military leaders. Sports and the military are industries where leadership is applied over a wide range of diverse and dynamic situations. By comparing athletes’ and military personnel’s views on their leaders’ leadership style effectiveness, it provided insight that can be carried to other domains.  The results of the Coaching Behaviour Scale for Sports CBS-S study instrument were analyzed and interpreted to determine which characteristics are most similar between the two industries.

Use Chris's PROgression Journal  to track all your workouts.  The PROgression Journal is designed specifically for PROformance Training Systems(TM).   It includes a brief overview of PTS as well as workout logs to track your progress. 

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