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What Makes Dr. Johnson Stand Out?

Why Chris?

Welcome to my performance coaching platform. I am wholeheartedly committed to delivering the most cutting-edge insights in sports and exercise science to empower you on your journey to success. With an Ed.D. in the field and many certifications, I stand ready to guide you toward achieving your goals. 


My odyssey in coaching began at the illustrious Harvard University. Later, I assumed the role of Head Strength and Conditioning Coordinator at Lasell University, where I honed my coaching prowess for a fulfilling three-year tenure. Subsequently, I established a thriving studio in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Eventually, I returned to Lasell University as a professor, deepening my knowledge and influence in sports and fitness. Simultaneously, I decided to join the Army National Guard as a Medical Services Officer. During this phase, I orchestrated the relocation of my studio to a more expansive facility in Newton, Massachusetts, enabling me to accommodate and inspire even more individuals on their fitness journeys. 


My love for sports has been an unwavering constant in my life, marked by personal achievements such as completing a marathon in an impressive 2 hours and 49 minutes and conquering a half marathon in 1 hour and 19 minutes. In my college days, I was bestowed with the honor of Rookie of the Year, and my teammates acknowledged my achievements with the MVP title three times. To this day, I maintain my physical prowess through rigorous strength training and a captivating blend of adventure sports. I also serve as a firefighter, a role that underscores the values and principles I fervently impart to the athletes I coach. 


I invite you to embark on a transformative journey with me, leveraging my extensive knowledge and personal experience to unlock your full potential and achieve remarkable success in sports and fitness. Together, we will reach new heights. 

  • How does Improve with Chris stand out?
    A playful environment that you look forward to is key to success. Fitness and sports are my passion and I want to share that passion with you. Beyond creating a welcoming yet challenging atmosphere, I have poured years into investing in improving people so they can become who they dream of being. I created a training system that is featured in two books, appeared on NECN, the Boston Globe, Runner’s World Magazine, and other media outlets. I am an officer in the Army National Guard, a graduate school lecturer, am a firefighter, and have three degrees (enrolled in a 4th) including a doctorate aimed at improving performance. Before opening my current gym, I was a head collegiate strength and conditioning coordinator and track and field coach at Lasell University. Before that, I was coaching at Harvard University.
  • What do I enjoy about personal training?
    Excellence is my passion. “Always improve” is not just my motto but the way I live my life and provide the services of my craft. I enjoy the small things in my work, a child calling to say thank you because her father can join her on a run, a husband who smiles when he sees his wife in a dress again, and a businesswoman with the confidence to own a stage. It’s not only the improvement in exercise but the progress in life.
  • What should a client know about my pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?"
    "Cheap work ain't good and good work aint cheap." As you can tell from my bio, I have invested significant time, energy, and finances into my career and take pride in my service to you. Your results are paramount to me, and I provide top notch service to people who are ready to make a change. All I ask is fair compensation for my time, energy, and commitment. I offer membership plans. The more time you invest in you via sessions per week, the more I reward you. Please see Membership Plans for more details.
  • What is my typical process for working with a new client?
    It depends on my client’s goals and personality. Every client is unique and every session depends on my client’s needs. I take you and your goals very seriously, only using the best and most tested science when formulating your plan. All of my clients are monitored online, to ensure sucess when they are not with me. With that said, I make every session as enjoyable as possible, believing fitness has to be fun or you will quit. So be prepared for a fun time!
  • What education and/or training do I have that relates to my work?
    I have a doctorate and 11 certifications including my CSCS (which is the gold standard). I began coaching at Harvard University before becoming the head strength and conditioning coordinator at Lasell College. I have published two books regarding sports and fitness, two regarding personal development, a textbook, chapter in a textbook, and have published peer-reviewed scientific literature. On top of this, I am a college lecturer. I have three degrees and am currently working on my second masters degree. I take pride in providing you top-notch service.
  • Why does Chris coach?
    Passion = Freedom & Fitness = Freedom Every day I wake up and help people acheive their potential. Seriously, what's better than that? I'm more than a personal trainer, I'm your coach. As a life long athlete, professor, soldier, firefighter, and most importantly father, I take the coaching part seriously. I'm here to help you be a better you.
  • What types of customers have I worked with?
    Division I athletes, stay at home parents, C-level management, producers, actresses, musicians. I began by working with high level athletes and people recovering from injuries. Eventually referals expanded my reach to everyone.
  • What advice would you give a client looking to hire a personal trainer?
    Experience & Match Check your prospect coaches educational background, certifications, and experience. You would be surprised how many people claim they are experts with minimal formal education. Personally, I am dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest science that will work for you! I have a doctorate and 11 certifications in the field. I was mentored at Harvard University. NECN, Runner’s World Magazine, and the Boston Globe have also trusted my expertise on numerous occasions. That’s dedication to providing you the best service possible. As for match, that's something you have to try and figure out. Book a time to meet and get to know me better. See if we are a good fit. If not, I'll recommend you to someone I think is better for you. Ask these questions: 1. How much experience do you have with clients like me? Make sure your trainer has experience working with clients such as yourself. You don't want a trainer that uses a cookie cutter approach with all of their clients. 2. How long do clients stay with you? This one is important. Most of my clients stay with me after they achieve their goal. I have trained clients for over a decade. It shows your trainer has a personality. You don't want a coach who is a literal dumbbell. Even after you reach your goal, I recommend meeting with your trainer at least once per week for maintance.
  • What questions should clients think through before talking to personal trainers?
    1. Am I ready to improve my life? Although I make attaining your goal as fun as possible and am there when you need me, you are the one doing the work. Hire a professional when you are ready to invest in you and make the changes necessary. As eager as I am to help you be the person you can be, you have to want it. I'll be here when you're ready.
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