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What Makes Dr. Johnson Stand Out?

Why Chris?

I am dedicated to bringing you the most effective sports and exercise science.  Armed with a doctorate and a dozen certifications in the field, I am prepared to help you reach your goal.  


My coaching journey began at Harvard University.  Eventually, I was offered a Head Strength and Conditioning Coordinator position at Lasell University where I coached for three years before opening a studio in Wellesley, Ma.  I eventually returned to Lasell as a professor.  Around the same time that I began teaching, I joined the Army National Guard as a Medical Services Officer.  During the same time as joining the Army, I relocated my studio to a larger facility in Newton, Ma.


I have played sports my entire life, and am particularly proud of my running achievements, running a 2:49 marathon and 1:19 half marathon.  My college team voted me Rookie of the Year and 3x MVP.  Currently, I stay fit through strength training and a blend of adventure sports.  I am also a firefighter, which encourages me to live by the same principles I teach my athletes.     

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