What Makes Dr. Johnson Stand Out?

Why Chris?

I combined two research emphasizes during my doctoral studies, one in sports leadership and another in sport, fitness, and health science.  This unique blend of mental and physical coaching gives me an edge during athlete programming and sessions since I am trained to produce incredible synergy between an athlete's mind and body.


My coaching journey began at Harvard University.  Eventually, I was offered a Head Strength and Conditioning Coordinator position at Lasell University so I coached there for three years before opening a studio in Wellesley.  Years later, I would return to Lasell as a professor.  During the same time as joining the Army as a Medical Services Officer, I relocated my studio to Newton where I had more space.


I have played sports my entire life, and am particularly proud of my running achievements, running a 2:49 marathon and 1:19 half marathon.  My college team voted me Rookie of the Year and 3x MVP.  Currently, I stay fit through strength training and a blend of adventure sports.     

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