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Best Personal Trainer in Newton Ma: Choosing the best personal trainer for you in the Boston Ma Area

This post is not a claim that I am the best personal trainer in Newton Ma, rather a guide for people searching for the personal trainer in Newton that is best for them.

When searching for a new personal trainer, it should be looked at as a mix between buying a house and choosing a wealth manager and here is why. A house is an asset that you invest a good amount of time filtering between what is best for you. Location, cost, and style are three of the many attributes that determine your dream house. The same is true for your personal trainer.

Is the trainer close by or do they travel to your home?

How much does the personal trainer cost? If they are cheap, what are they missing? If they are high-end, what extra value are they providing?

What is your personal trainer’s style? Does what they provide line up with your wants, needs, and personality?

Searching for the best personal trainer in Newton Ma is no different than searching for the best house in Newton Ma. It’s a long term investment that will only pay off if it’s the perfect match.

A wealth manager on the other hand is similar to a personal trainer for different reasons. First, they handle an intangible service that you cannot necessarily touch. Wealth managers and personal trainers both deal with providing you progress in a field based purely upon other client’s previous results. The market will do its thing and the best wealth manager in Newton Ma will be the one who capitalizes the most. The same is true for a personal trainer. Your body will adapt to its environment, a great personal trainer will make sure that environment is one in which progress thrives.

I feel that in today’s world, personal trainers are gauged based upon their personal fitness pictures on social media sites such as Instagram, when in reality this is only a small part of the picture. A personal trainer’s education, experience, personality, and community involvement are all attributes I would take into account when making my decision. I would want someone with commitment to their field (my progress), hands on experience using that knowledge, and someone I would get along with. I hope this insight guides you towards choosing your personal trainer. Transforming your body and life is an amazing journey and I hope I can play a role in it.

Always improve,


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