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Affordable Personal Trainers in Newton Ma: How to choose a personal trainer in the Boston Ma area

Finding affordable personal trainers in Newton Ma isn’t as easy as you may think since the price of any service is twofold. The first part is actual money spent. This fluctuates depending on if you are choosing a personal trainer at a gym or studio. Personal Trainers at working at big corporate gyms often hand over roughly half of their money to the gym, whereas personal trainers who own their own studios keep all their money, but have to pay for their own equipment, rent, insurance, marketing, etc. Owning my own studio, I know these costs can be roughly the same if not more than working for a big corporate gym so this is generally a wash. But the upside to a studio is it is just you and your personal trainer, so there is never a wait for equipment and the two of you can follow a plan since your trainer knows all the equipment is always available.

Next you have to look at the value of the service. Unlike a tangible asset, personal trainers are selling you an intangible future result. This makes it harder for you as the prospect client to make your decision, but it basically comes down to, is this personal trainer the one for me? Are they selling me what I need or not?

This can be determined by looking at a personal trainer’s background. I provided a question and answers section in my about me page. You so can learn about my background there in order to avoid bias in this article.

My recommendation when choosing an affordable personal trainer in Newton Ma is reading into the trainer’s bio and setting up a complimentary consultation. All trainers should provide a few minutes of their time to meet. I generally keep my schedule full, but I always provide a complimentary session and the trainer you choose should as well.

I hope this insight has been helpful in your search for an affordable personal trainer in Newton Ma.

Always improve,


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