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Where Did All The Science Go???

If you remember, my old website had a lot of sport and exercise science as well as running blogpost. Well, it's all gone...kinda.

There is good news and bad news about all that research and experience. The bad news is the post are gone, but the good news is they are now in a book!

(Image is from an interview, explaining my last book PR Pace: Strength & Performance Training for Distance Runners, during an interview).

I gathered all my best blogpost (i'll admit, some of they were not that great, but they are now in the trash) along with all my sport, fitness, and health research from my doctoral studies and formatted it into one book explaining my training philosophy. I sent it off to an editor, and now it's almost done!

Everything should be set and ready for marketing within a couple of months and the book should be available in early 2018. With that said, don't worry, all my knew thoughts and findings on exercise and sport science will be publsihed here, but as for the old stuff, you'll have to but the book ;)

Always improve,

Chris Johnson

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