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Updated: May 25, 2020

I'm heading into the new week with a new look!

On top of a complete redesign, I added three new features that are sure to help you improve your fitness while gyms are shutdown. They are, challenges, groups, and live workouts.

Challenges including, Gratitude Journal, Express Workouts, 30 Consecutive Pushups Challenge, Learn to Meditate, Body Squat Challenge, Get Running, and Sugar Reset. Once you accept a challenge, a daily notification is sent from my free app telling you what steps you need to take for the day. Upon completion, simply check it off.

Groups are another feature I added. So far, there are only two. One for my classes which are currently shut down as is my studio because of COVID-19, and the other is Physical and Mental Coaching. The group is a resource where everyone can share quick tips, links, pics, and videos that helped them on their fitness journey. I have added a few post to get things started, but my hope is the group as a whole can share what they find useful.

The final big surprise I have for you is the start of a workout library called Live Workouts. I will be hosting live workouts you can tune-in and perform with me that are saved to my channel. As of know, these are quick circuits, but if feedback is positive, I will add longer clips.

Check out these features and let me know what you think. I hope you find them useful as we all adjust to a new way of performance training. Please share this post with friends and family who may benifit from these features.

Always improve,


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