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Greater Boston Area Corporate Health and Wellness

After months of collecting research on health, wellness, and human potential and packaging it into one course, my new corporate wellness program is launching!

Greater Boston Area Corporate Health and Wellness
Greater Boston Area Corporate Health and Wellness

How is Boston’s newest corporate health and wellness program different?

When I show up to corporate wellness presentations, I am bringing the whole shebang, not just last month’s magazine articles photocopied and passed around your office so your employees can snooze through another yawn fest. There’s nothing motivating to your employees about inviting someone to stand in front of a room and regurgitating data. I want to inspire your staff!

I built a health and wellness program incorporating leadership, self-agency, and confidence. It’s more than wellness and fitness, my program motivates employees to be more productive by teaching them how valuable everything they do, including their job, is to their overall happiness.

Beyond visiting your office and teaching the benefits of health and wellness, I want to showcase exercises employees can do at home as well as in their office chairs. I want to highlight the research, but I’m not going to stand there and preach. It’s an experience, not a lecture.

What about when I’m not there?

My coaching reaches far beyond your office. You have the option to have me as your office’s coach 24/7. With my world class coaching app, your employee’s smartwatch data is sent directly to my website and monitored by me personally. If your employees don’t have a smartwatch, no problem. It’s quick and easy to manually enter everything from how their workout feels, injuries, to weather.

If you’re looking for someone to come in and excite your staff, making you look like a hero by breaking up their day, and teaching them the skills to enjoy putting more effort into what they do as a member of your team, reach out to me.

If you find this info useful and exciting, please forward this blog to a friend or colleaque.

Always improve,


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