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COVID-19 Social Distancing Small Group Fitness

I'm introducing Social Distancing Small Group Fitness (It's not a catchy name, I know). Since parks are closed, get together a small group of your friends and family and I will conduct a fitness class in your yard. I will bring all of the necessary (and Clorox wiped) gear. The workout is designed to keep safe spacing so you can maintain a healthy immune system until the gyms reopen.

It's very important that we abide by the reccomended COVID-19 guidelines. As of now groups of up to 10 people are good as long as we stay six feet apart. Remember, this pandemic is not an excuse to throw away all your fitness progress or completely isolate yourself from everyone (unless you are sick). Neither of which are healthy. This event could last a while and we need to be proactive with our health.

Always improve,


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