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Backyard Family Circus, I Mean Training

A recurring theme I hear during my online sessions is families are running out of group activities during the lockdown. IPads, TVs, and dandelion wars (a scam to get your kids to pick weeds) are great in moderation, but like any respectable traveling circus, I will bring my bag of tricks, agility ladder, kettlebells, bands, balls, and three rings to your house and get the whole family moving!

Here's the best part, the entire clan (within limits, I'm not hosting your family reunion) gets the same rate as a private in-home session. You're only paying for the same in-home session you already pay for except now you get to watch your loved ones or a few friends trip over my agility ladder.

The workout will be designed to respect social distancing guidelines and I am taking extra sanitation precautions with my equipment. Mask are obviously highly encouraged, I will be wearing one.

Always improve,


P.S. Think it's too soon for group activities? Commonwealth Ave. in Newton has more foot traffic than I-95 during what used to be known as rush hour so...

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