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Improve Your Life!

Hi everyone,

We have been working hard on a new commercial exemplifying what it means to live a vigorous life, and I want to share with you my last commercial reminding you to improve your life. The message is changing slightly to reflect the greater focus of combining physical prowess, personal confidence, and leadership that Improve with Chris is bringing all of you, but the point is the same, attaining a vigorous life through daily improvements.

You may have noticed I now offer membership packages that include my Strength and Stamina classes, workout videos, and leadership course when you purchase private sessions at my studio. There are also online only packages and check-in/accountability packages for people looking to get started but do not live in Boston Metro West area or only want classes and a little personal guidance. And of course, you can always rent one of my books from your local library or buy them on Amazon.

I am a firm believer in delivering three times the value of what you charge, so here it is! My mission is to help all of you improve your life by improving not only the physical but the mental as well. Your body is only as strong as your mind and I want to help you master both realms.

I hope you enjoy this short video and look forward to sharing the new one when it’s finished in a couple of months!

Always improve,



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