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New Podcast and Leadership Course!

Happy weekend!

I'm happy to announce that I started a new podcast covering everything I can get my hands on that is going to help you improve! With that said, I need guests to share their stories from their profession, adventures, family…whatever you think will help other people better themselves. If you or are willing to help, please reach out or forward this email to someone you feel may be interested.

I am also putting together a leadership course based around my upcoming personal and team leadership book. I already have a couple of videos and eight lessons up, with more on the way. This course should hopefully become available by the end of 2018.

On a side note, I have altered the display of my Path to Excellence, so it is a little easier to read. Nothing new, just an improved format. I am adding a copy of it below. If you want to the full details behind the path, have to wait for the book.

Always improve,


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