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More Than Words Book Drive & Upcoming Toy March

I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who donated to my recent book drive for More Than Words bookstore! I just left their facility and we donated over 600 books in four weeks! (Roughly 500 books in the first batch and 100 in the second drop-off).

Next, I will be dropping off toys at Children's Hospital with the National Guard on December 18, if you have any new unopened toys, please drop them off at Boston Strength & Conditioning, 75 Adams St. Newton, Ma. We will all march in and drop off the new unopened toys to Children's Hospital so they can have an awesome holiday season! The more toys you can bring, the better. If they don't fit in my rucksack (backpack) someone else can carry them in their ruck.

(Last year's Toy March).

Thank you, I appreciate you helping me give back to the community!

Always improve,

Chris Johnson

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