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Performance, Mindset, & Fitness

2020 is around the corner and that means New Years Resolutions. This year, rather than setting a goal to change how I am living, I am doubling down on what I am already doing. I am going into the new year with a motto, performance, mindset, and fitness. It entails focusing on doing my best, having a clear and purposeful mind, and fitting my overall environment.

We often get caught up with what's wrong with us. Thinking, if I change what I am doing, I will be better. What about if rather than focusing on what's wrong, you focus on what's right? How can you perform better at the things you are already doing well? By focusing on the positive, it encourages you rather than opposes you. Thinking in this way clears your mind of obstacles. No one wants to hear what's wrong with them, so remind yourself what's right with you!

Fitness is more than lifting weights and performing sprints, it's literally how well you fit your environment. That goes for everything, not just how much you can squat. This year I am also focusing on what works and aligning everything I do to support those things. I am making sure I fit my environment. If you want to achieve any goal, you want everything you do to support that goal. This is my working definition of fitness for 2020, how does what I do fit my goal? If it's not a good fit, I'm throwing it away.

I have three challenges for you as you enter the new year:

1. Clearly define what you want

2. Double down on what works

3. Train to be fit for life, not just the gym

Always improve,


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