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Longer, Stronger, Better

Are you looking for an awesome full body workout so you can tear apart boulders like this? Well, here it is!  

Each round consist of HIIT, strength, and mobility. HIIT: Eight 20 s Tabata rounds = 4 min Strength: At your own pace perform one exercise for 3 min, 8 reps per set. There is no specific number of sets, this time is being used as active recovery. Mobility: Perform one mobility drill for 1 min. Perform one full eight minute round then jump into the next round. Below is a sample workout. Have fun! HIIT: Speed Skaters Strength: Military Press Mobility: Lacrosse ball on pecs, 30 s each side. HIIT: Step-up Strength: Bent Over Rows Mobility: Foam Roll back HIIT: Body Squats Strength: Medicine Ball Slam Mobility: Hanging Lat Stretch HIIT: Push-ups Strength: Birddog Mobility: Sun Salutation Always improve, Chris Johnson *Results may vary when it comes to tearing apart boulders ;)

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