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"Teach, Challenge, Evolve"

"You're never to good to have a coach.  Even the best athletes in the world look up to someone for advice." ~ Chris Johnson

If you want to excel in your sport and be a star, then sport specific training is what you need to get that edge!  Conversely, if you are new to sports and are looking for training to help you get the most out of your new hobby then sport specific training is for you!

Sport specific training is different from personal training.  Sport specific training is geared towards increasing athletic performance in order to enhance your performance on during competition.  That is why it is essential that you have a trainer that is a competitive athlete, sports scientist, and certified strength and conditioning specialist such as Chris Johnson

PR Pace Running Academy

Do you ever have trouble getting out the door for a run?

Have you ever been stumped on what to do for a workout?


No idea how many miles you should be running?

Times been a little slow for a while and don't know why? 

Chris Johnson is a highly experienced distance runner, who has ran competitivly in college and in marathons including Boston.  Chris' best marathon finish is a 4th place and best half marathon finish is a 2nd place.  On top of years or experience, Chris has his M.S. | NSCA-CSCS | NASM-CES | USATF | RRCA and is a collegiate cross country, track coach, and strength coach.

Advance Athletic Development

“Whether you do it for yourself or others, you do it for a reason.  If that reason isn’t worth the training it takes to get there, then you’re not an athlete at all.  Passion and desire are the keys to success in athletics.” ~ Chris


Is your collegiate career over but competitive career just getting started?  

Are you used to having a coach to lay out your workouts for you, but have recently graduated?

Have years gone by since your last competition but you’re ready to get back into it?

Are you currently training but are ready to take it to the next level and get the edge that all the other high caliber athletes have from training with a strength and conditioning coach? 

If you are an athlete looking for advance training, then Advance Athlete Enhancement by Improve with Chris is what you need.  

Develop & Recruit For Kids

Do you want your child to be a stand out athlete or average athlete?  

Better yet, do you want your child to make the varsity squad?   

The level of competition between children and college students to get a spot on the team is rising considerably every year.  If you want your child to have the opportunity to play on these high level social sports teams, then they need the sports specific training edge that will get them there and they need to start now!