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Sports Nutrition

  • Are you telling yourself that you will start eating healthy tomorrow?    
  • Do you know how to properly set up a healthy diet?
  • Is your eating the only thing out of control?
  • Does it bother you that you put so much into your training but the foods you eat ruin your efforts? 

A sports nutritionist is someone who goes over your lifestyle and helps you implement healthy eating habits you can live with.  

Sports nutritionists do not make up diets.  We design healthy eating habits that will get you where you want to be, while still eating foods you enjoy.  Sports nutritionist help you with the habit of eating healthy, registered dietitians design your meals.    

Did you know that if you make some simple changes in when you eat you can actually eat more during the day and still lose weight?  And I am not talking about not eating after 6:00pm (you can still do that).  Chris Johnson has the knowledge in both fitness and nutrition to develop a nutrition lifestyle that fits you!

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