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One-On-One Sessions

"Coaching to me is one part experience, one part knowledge, and two parts understanding your athlete." ~ Chris Johnson 

  • Can you not get yourself to commit to the gym?
  • Do you find traditional exercise boring?
  • Are you sick of the same old routine?
  • Do you have no idea what you are doing in a gym?
  • Are you wandering aimlessly without a goal?

Blending the best of personal training with leadership experience, Coach Johnson can motivate any individual to reach their goals!
Become a better competitive athlete

If you want to excel in your sport and be a star, then sport specific training is what you need to get that edge!  Conversely, if you are new to sports and are looking for training to help you get the most out of your new hobby then sport specific training is for you!  Chris holds his NSCA-CSCS, NASM-PES, USATF Track & Field Certification, and RRCA Coaches Certification. 

Sport specific training is different from personal training.  Sport specific training is geared towards increasing athletic performance in order to enhance your performance on during competition.  That is why it is essential that you have a trainer that is a competitive athlete, sports scientist, and certified strength and conditioning specialist such as Chris Johnson

Injury Prevention & Post-Rehabilitation 

Chris holds the NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES) Advanced Specialization Certification which was developed in response to the growing need for professionals with the ability to assist clients experiencing musculoskeletal impairments, muscule imbalances, or rehabilitation concerncs.  

Chris also holds the International Sports Science Associations Specialist in Exercise Therapy Certification (SET) that is designed for clients that have been discharged from prescriptive medical care with the need to undergo a supervised fitness therapy program, specifically designed around their condition.  Chris provides the advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully work with clients suffering from musculoskeletal impairments, imbalances, or post-rehabilitation concerns. 
Train with a small group of people.

Small group training classes are great for people who need a more economical approach than one-on-one sessions or for those desiring a more social atmosphere.  

Chris' Services Are For Everyone

"In my eyes, everyone is an athlete, regardless of ability."

Every client is treated as a personal journey.  Our first session allows me to learn everything I can about your training history and goals while you get a feel for my style.  What I want more than anything is a happy and successful client.  The more I understand about where you have been, the better I can design your program.  

Why?  Happy clients spread the word.  The more successful I am with you, the more willing you are to share with your friends and family.