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"Teach, Challenge, Evolve"

Chris' results proven method for training clients 

Wouldn't it be great if you always knew exactly which training system to use, when to use it, and for how long?  

Based on years of training experience as well as endless research of sports, fitness, and human behavior, Chris has developed PROformance Training Systems (TM).  PROformance Training Systems is Chris' results proven method for progressing all of his clients.  

The system follows a sound set of principles that allow Chris to progress his clients safely and effectively through "Themes."  Each theme has a specific goal and rules that must be followed to attain that goal.  Once the goal is achieved, clients progress up the  "Flowchart."

By gamifying (making it fun) his programs, Chris empowers mastery of each theme.  It ensures higher athletic success with a reduced chance of injury.  PROformance Training Systems also has a set of checks and balances to ensure athletes are not back-tracking or steering off course. 

PROformance Training Systems (PTS)

PROformance Training Systems are utilized during all of Chris' training whether it is online or in-person