Personal Trainer Boston Area

"Teach, Challenge, Evolve"

Proven business, public speaking, and military officer experience on your side.  

The best athletes in the world have coaches.  The same is true for our careers.  

After years running a nationally recognized fitness brand, opening a variety of organization, collegiate lecturing, as well as military leading experience, Chris is providing his leadership and career advice to people in search of answers.  

Sessions can be provided via chat, Skype, or in-person.  Rates vary depending on the detail of our relationship and range from brief chats answering concerning questions to working on month long projects.  

Contact Chris for a one time question or recurring weekly meetings in your office.

Common Questions & Concerns:

How do I devise a thought out plan?

I have a plan, but I'm having trouble executing it.

Keeping my schedule under control is impossible.

What is the most effective way to go about an interview.

How do I answer the question, 'sell me this pen?'

How do I handle situations where a group has many strong and varied opinions?

Why is investment important to a company?

How do you manage frequent travel every month?

How do you handle asking for promotions?

Any question is worth asking.  If Chris does not have an answer, your money will be refunded.