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"Teach, Challenge, Evolve"

"Working together towards a common goal and overcoming a challenge is the number one way to teach true leadership and build an effective team." 

~ Chris


Chris’ Wilderness Leadership and Team Building Excursions teach anyone how to be a leader.  Everyone in the group gets the chance to lead any number of activities that challenge them in ways their daily lives never could.  

To truly be a leader, one must be able to lead in an area they know nothing about.  Chris’ Wilderness Leadership and Team Building Excursions provide that experience for leaders of different backgrounds looking to expand their skills while giving them a fun and engaging leadership development adventure!

Team Building  

Chris’ Adventure and Wilderness Leadership and Team Building Excursions are an effective way to get members of your team working together under challenging and diverse circumstances.

By being placed in a wilderness environment and given fun and challenging task which must be navigated through as a team, it allows group members to connect in a manner that traditional group building exercises can never match.

Read Chris' peer-reviewed article, Gamification in Adventure and Wilderness Sports.  It's about using the outdoors to increase engagement, participation, and retainment in teams.  

Adventure and wilderness leadership and teamwork expeditions with Chris are designed as a combination of his education, military, business, sports, and exploration knowledge and experience.  

Chris shares his leadership and team building skills by implementing real-life hands-on experience successfully leading high-camaraderie groups, teaching individuals how to collaborate tactically and overcome common challenges as an effective team.

During this practical experience and research-based adventure, individuals learn proven communication and relationship skills in an unfamiliar and challenging environment through effectively collaborating with teammates to overcome group diversities and personal struggles.  

The task involved are impossible to complete as individuals and can only be overcome when group members understand each other’s strengths and weakness as a team.  

At the end of the experience, individuals evolve into stronger communicators with an improved understanding of the art and science of relationships.  As well as enhanced leadership traits and characteristics.  

These leadership and team building skills are valuable assets to any leader and team; whether it is a family, corporation, small organization, or sports team.  Everyone from student to CEO has something to gain from Wilderness Leadership and Team Building Excursions.  

Contact Chris today to set up an Adventure and Wilderness Leadership and Team Building Excursion for your team, office, or family!