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Health & Fitness Evaluation Forms & Questionnaires

Chris takes his clients & athletes health very seriously.  Therefore, it is necisary that all of his clients/athletes fill out the following forms and questionnaires prior to exercise.  Please give yourself plenty of time to fill them out.  Accuracy is vital since it concerns your health and safety. 

Please fill out the following forms/questionairres and get them back to Chris either in person or by emailing them to [email protected]  Thank you!

  1.  Online Fitness Eval Form.  This is a short form that Chris can look over to get instant feedback into what to expect going into your first meeting.  
  2.  Health Status Questionnaire. This questionnaire is meant to give Chris a more in-depth look into your medical and health history. 
  3. PARQ. The PARQ is a short physical activity readiness questionnaire. 
  4. Physician Consent Form. If the Health Status Questionnaire indicates that you should receive physician clearance prior to engaging in physical activity, please have your primary care physician fill out this form.  

Thank you very much for taking the time to fill out these forms.  The feedback provided on these forms will allow Chris to provide you with the best care possible.