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Develop & Recruit Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning for Kids / Teens

Do you want your child to be a stand out athlete or average athlete?  

Better yet, do you want your child to make the varsity squad? 


The level of competition between children and college students to get a spot on the team is rising considerably every year.  If you want your child to have the opportunity to play on these high level social sports teams, then they need the sports specific training edge that will get them there and they need to start now! 

Chris is a collegiate head strength and conditioning coach and assistant collegiate cross country and track coach.  However, he started off coaching youth basketball.  He also holds a sports science degree and numerous training certifications including his NSCA-CSCS.

Don’t put your child’s athletic and social future on hold.  Give them the advantage they need to stand out from the pack.  Give them the Develop & Recruit program by Chris Johnson.