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The Improve with Chris Corporate Fitness Program

The Improve with Chris Corporate Fitness Program is the most cost efficient method for companies to cut their health care expenses.


Every year insurance and health cost for businesses are rising.  In response, more than 81% of businesses in the U.S. have some sort of health promotion program (1).   America is realizing by investing money in corporate fitness programs for their employees, it helps businesses save money in the long run.  As much as $6 can be saved on insurance cost for every $1 invested in preventive health programs (2). 


Every year employees can save…(2)

·         $1,200 for reducing an employee’s cholesterol from 240mg to 190mg. 

·         $269 for jump starting an employee’s active lifestyle. Getting them from sedentary to active.

·         $177 for helping employees go from obesity to a healthy weight. 

Healthy employees are happy employees and happy employees are more productive at work which increases your bottom line!

Changes in the workplace

·         Reduce sick days

·         Increase productivity

·         Enhance moral

·         Improve team work skills

·         Further goal setting skills

·         Build better time management ability

·         Boost confidence

·         Clear their minds

·         Lower turnover rate

What is the program?

The Improve with Chris Corporate Fitness Program can be customized to fit your companies needs regardless of company size and industry, but the two most popular methods are:  

1.      Lunch time or before work boot camps led by Chris.

2.      Informative seminars explaining and teaching people how to make the lifestyle changes necessary to improve the quality of life (and in return lower you cost). 

3.       Adventure and Wilderness Leadership and Team Building Excursions.

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2.     "The Ultimate 20th Century Cost Benefit Analysis and Report." University of Michigan Health Management Research Center. March 2000.