Personal Trainer Boston Area

"Teach, Challenge, Evolve"

Chris Johnson’s PR Pace | Strength and Performance Training for Distance Runners, uses in-depth dialogue, examples, charts, and graphs to teach distance runners the importance of strength training for performance enhancement and injury prevention. Using his advance training system, PROformance Training Systems™, Chris gives the reader world class workouts they can use for races of any distance and caliber.

New Book Coming in 2018!

I am putting together a collection of essays on sport and exercise science distinguishing between "pop-fiction" and science.  The science covers everything from sleep, nutrition, powerlifting, to running.  I am really excited to clarify a lot of people's concerns with how to effectively train.  The first manuscript is complete and I am planning on a publication date in 2018.

Use Chris' PROgression Journal to track all your workouts.  The PROgression Journal is designed specifically for PROformance Training Systems(TM).   It includes a brief overview of PTS as well as workout logs to track your progress.