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Advance Athletic Enhancement ~ Training for high level athletes

“Whether you do it for yourself or others, you do it for a reason.  If that reason isn’t worth the training it takes to get there, then you’re not an athlete at all.  Passion and desire are the keys to success in athletics.” ~ Chris


Is your collegiate career over but competitive career just getting started? 

Are you used to having a coach to lay out your workouts for you, but have recently graduated?

Have years gone by since your last competition but you’re ready to get back into it?

Are you currently training but are ready to take it to the next level and get the edge that all the other high caliber athletes have from training with a strength and conditioning coach?

If you are an athlete looking for advance training, then Advance Athlete Enhancement by Improve with Chris is what you need. 

Chris is a collegiate head strength and conditioning coach and assistant collegiate cross country and track coach.  He also holds a sports science degree and numerous training certifications including his NSCA-CSCS and NASM-PES.

Stop putting your life as an athlete on hold and start living like one again (or at least training like one).  Contact Chris now!